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All our pies are hand made with short crust pastry, served with sallad



Kangaroo pie  129:-

Tender roo fillet braized with mushrooms, root vegetables in a mixed pepper sauce.


Steak and onion pie 119:-

Tender steak brazed with traditional Aussie spicing


Sweet chili chicken and bacon pie  119:-

Chicken fillet, bacon, sweet chili and creme fraiche



Vegan  curry pumpkin pie  119.-

 Pumkin, black beans, chickpeas, spinach and lentils in a curry sauce. 

Nachos - Vegetarian / Meat / Chicken     109:- / 129:- / 129:-

With melted cheese, and dip sauces



Buffalo wings 119:-

Spicy chicken wings with a blue cheese dip.

Loaded fries 99:-

Fries with melted cheese, crispy bacon, roasted onion,

jalapenos and sour cream.

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